Purple Strangers

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29 mei 20:30 - 04 jun 22:00

Purple Strangers (The Deep Purple Tribute Band)

We believe in honouring the founders of hard rock.

Purple Strangers is not just one of the many Deep Purple tribute bands. We believe that todays Rock and Metal are founded by Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. The players of Purple Strangers are gifted musicians who started to play their instruments a long time ago by hearing the magical sound of Deep Purple. Years ago Hammond player PJ Kleevens called some friended musicians to declare their love to Deep Purple, starting the Ultimate Classic Tribute to Deep Purple.

Wasn't it Deep Purple who inspired these musicians to walk the path of Rock 'n' Roll? So... this is how it started in 2005.

And now these days this project is still alive and kicking. Passionated musicians who besides their bands

such as Royal Flush, Praying Mantis, Duketown Dogs and Gundogs honouring their heroes with original instruments and in classic memory to the early days of Rock hits made by DEEP PURPLE.

29 mei 20:30 - 04 jun 22:00


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